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Swing-Lock rifles designed for use with smokeless powder can be provided in any caliber but at present, .45, and .50 caliber are the most popular. Swing-Lock smokeless rifles may also be used with black powder or black powder substitutes provided a new design bottle neck powder chamber is not part of the rifle design. 

All Swing-Lock rifles utilize #209 primer ignition except for certain new ultra high performance designs which will be described at a later date.

All Swing-Lock rifles are built around a standard Swing-Lock action which is precisely tuned and adjusted before the rifle is shipped to the customer.
Tuning includes trigger adjustment, which the customer may request down to 2 lbs of pull force. Trigger function, which is a built-in part of the Swing-Lock action mechanism, is designed for match grade capability providing a very smooth trigger that breaks cleanly without perceptible creep.

Every Swing-Lock rifle is tested by shooting from a bench to verify flawless function and an acceptable level of accuracy. For acceptance, smokeless powder rifles must produce less than one (1) minute of angle accuracy at 100 yards using a high performance load.

Only the highest premium grade barrel blanks are used for Swing-Lock rifles. Either stainless or chrom-moly steel can be provided.

Stocks are made from wood and can be made of any suitable species or grade available, including laminated birch as shown below. Available styles include right or left hand thumb hole, ambidextrous thumb hole, sihlouette/target thumbhole, open thumbover, classic, traditional or other designs per customer request. 

Because quality of workmanship is of primary concern, all stock carving is done at Swing-Lock Inc. Stock blanks are first roughed out using a Terrco stock carving machine. All finish work is done by hand. After roughing, the barrel and breech sections are precision pillar glass bedded. Outside contours are filed and sanded to a 320 grit minimum smoothness using great care to preserve sharp, clean lines for enhanced definition and styling. Wood stocks may be finished using a hand rubbed oil or durable spray finish. Finish is applied until all grain pores are filled at least flush with the surface for perfect smoothness. Most higher grade wood stocks are finished using many coats of hand sanded and rubbed oil or other high grade finish.

Currently the finish most often used for metal is either KG products GunKote or Lauer DuraCoat. Either finish is available in many different colors. Both are excellent finishes vastly superior to standard gun bluing for wear and corrosion protection. 

But, there are differences. For greatest chip and scratch resistance DuraCoat is superior and is preffered for finishing barrels, breeches and trigger gaurds. On the other hand, KG GunKote is gives superior lubricity and its thinner coating works best on action components which must move against each other. Both coatings apply very evenly and give an excellant appearance.

Stainless steel barrels do not require application of any coating, but are most often surface textured using a glass bead treatment. Glass beading gives an attractive, satin, non-reflective finish which also serves to increase surface area at a micro level for greatly improved heat dissipation. If desired, stainless barrels can also be GunKoted or DuraCoated the same as other metal surfaces.

Ramrods, as provided with Swing-Lock rifles, may be made from seamless tubular aluminum,  brass, or ultra strong and light weight carbon fiber. All ramrods are brass tipped on both ends and threaded to accept the appropriate sized threaded accessories. The ramrod bullet seating tip provided is designed to work with bullets typically used in the type of rifle ordered.

Basic tools necessary for disassembly and certain cleaning functions are provided with each rifle.

A detailed 40 page manual, which includes operation, loading, and maintenance instructions in addition to loading data, is included with each rifle.

Rifles are shipped in a plastic, foam lined case in a cardboard shipping carton. Shipping and handling charge is included on the quotation.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions concerning the above or any other services that Swing-Lock Inc. may be able to provide.


Easily replacable orifice/seal module which gives a perfect breech plug seal without the need for tape or sealants

Positive action lock/release

Breech designs now incorporate over pressuree devices for added safety

Manual cross-bolt safety with easy and near silent operation

Tungsten carbide ignition orifice for maximum life far exceeding that of steel, high speed steel, or ceramic orifices

See Design/Strength for more details

Now availiable by special order: See Adjustable Bullet Sizing Dies  (patent pending)

Two types of dies produce smooth and new revolutionary "full formed" bullets for sabotless shooting in potentially any caliber.

High performance rifles designed for shooting either " SABOTED" or "SABOTLESS" bullets.

New Thumbover, Universal Ambidextrous Thumbhole, and Sporter Thumbhole Style Rifles are offered as shown. 
Other designs may be requested.

New rifles for shootingg high ballistic coefficient jacketed rifle bullets to the highest levels of magnum performance have been built.  See rifles in 6.5mm and .416 caliber.  Any other caliber can be built.

Ballistic performance exceeding that of many of the most powerful cartridge rifles.

In 45 caliber using 250 grain bullets, velocities of over 3000 fps with energy levels exceeding 5000 Ft-lbs have been obtained with some load combinations.  .50 caliber rifles for shooting saboted.45 caliber bullets are also available.  Other calibers shooting modern jacketed high ballistic coefficient bullets to magnum performance levels have been developed and built.  A 6.5mm rifle has shot 87 grain bullets over 3800fps with excellent accuracy.  The new .416 caliber long range rifle shoots a 450 grain match hunting bullet with great accuracy to speeds over 2700fps.  Any caliber can be built, and inquiries are welcome!


This website does not include loading data for reasons of liability.  Swing-Lock loading data is not for use in any other muzzleloading firearms.  Use of Swing-Lock loading data in any other muzzleloading firearm may result in catastrophic failure of the firearm with damage to property and severe injury or death to the shooter or bystanders.

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