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Below are three .416 cal. SWING-LOCK rifles as described.

The first rifle below is the most recently built Swing-Lock .416 rifle which features a thumbover design stock made from fancy Hawaiian Koa wood with Bolivian Rosewood forend tip, grip cap and tiger maple spacers. The 26 In. fluted barrel is from Krieger and is fitted with a side ported muzzle brake which is very affective at reducing recoil. Much of the description for the other two rifles below also applies to this rifle which shoots the same bullets and utilizes powder chamber design.


Both rifles below sport high grade figured American black walnut stocks with fancy cocobolo wood forend tips and grip caps with ebony spacers. An ebony inlay is used to fill the ramrod channel. Customers may specify any type of natural or laminated wood and other fancy woods for tips and caps or spacers as you see for the rifle above and other rifles on this site.

These are both light weight rifles with 24 Inch carbon wrapped barrels and weigh approximately 7 3/4 lbs without the scopes. Light weight rifles can also be built using fluted steel barrels and strategic machining to remove material as needed to reduce weight as shown by the first rifle above.

To enhance performance, these rifles utilize powder chamber design. With 325 gr bullets, velocities over 2800 fps can be achieved from the shorter 24 Inch barrel.

A significant advantage with .416 caliber is that available bullets have higher ballistic coefficients than .45 caliber bullets of equal weight which gives the .416 a long range edge with flatter trajectories at equal velocity capability. These rifles can shoot bullets from the 300 gr Barnes TSX with an advertised B.C. of .298 up to the 450 gr Rocky Mountain Match Hunting bullet with a calculated B.C. ( at 2700 fps ) of .880.
The 325 gr Rocky Mountain long range flat base bullet shown with the target below has a very high calculated B.C. of .559 at 2600 fps. 350 gr, 375 gr and 400 gr high B.C. bullets are also available as well as other types and weights.

To allow maximum use of scope elevation adjustments, the sight mounting rails on these rifles are corrected to allow zero at 100 yards with scope elevation adjusted near its lowest position. Very long range shots can then be dialed in on the scope elevation without running out of adjustment.

The first rifle shown is equipped with a BARRETT BORS ( Barrett Optical Ranging System ) which really takes much of the guesswork out of making long range shots. The BORS gives correction for trajectory, temperature, barometric pressure, shooting up or down hill and verticle cant. While it may seem out of place on this type of rifle, those features do increase confidence in making shots previously not even considered. This is probably the first muzzleloading rifle in existence to be equipped with this device. More SWING-LOCK rifles will receive the BORS in the future.

As you can see by the test targets shown below, these rifles are very accurate. All bullets used are full form sized with rifling engraved into the bullets. Each rifle is provided with the required adjustable  bullet sizing dies.

Rfles can also be built to heavier profile with barrels up to 30 Inches length.



The above target was shot using the 325 gr Rocky Mountain long range bullet at an avg. velocity of 2632 fps.


The above (3) targets were shot using the Barnes 300 gr TSX bullet at speeds approaching 2800 fps.

This target was shot using the Barnes 400 gr TSX  bullet at an average speed of 2503 fps


This (3) consecutive shot cluster was shot using the Barnes 300 gr TSX bullet at avg. velocity of 2674 fps. The first clean barrel shot was edited out.

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