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This rifle is designed for those shooters who want the capability to make shots much more certain at previously unheard of distances for a muzzleloading rifle. Accurately placing shots at distances over 1000 yards is a major advantage using this rifle. I am not aware of any other muzzleloading rifle which can even begin to match this rifles capability.

As shown in the pictures below, this rifle includes a very efficient heat treated stainless steel muzzle brake and a Rucker Bump Buster Heavy Duty recoil reducer which both help to make this rifle very managable to shoot. Other specs include:

26 In. carbon wrapped barrel with R5 1:11 twist rifling.

Powder chamber technology for highest performance. Performance exceeds that of the .416 Weatherby magnum cartridge. As shown by the target below, this rifle shoots a 450 gr Rocky Mountain Match Hunting bullet with great accuracy to over 2750 fps.

The rifle weight is very reasonable at 10 lbs 12 oz. excluding the scope and bi-pod.

The Rucker recoil reducer allows length of pull on this rifle to be adjusted from 13 1/2 to 14 1/2 Inches. Other lengths can be provided.

Ramrod is solid carbon fiber with brass T-handle tip. Both ends are threaded for #10-32 accessories.

This rifle utilizes an easy to use preloaded priming module system which is very clean and requires far less maintenance than other designs. It is a true high pressure system which is very high impulse for maximum reliability. It also promotes the longest possible orifice life.

Because of the cleanliness of this rifles ignition system only infrequent cleaning is required and the barrel and powder chamber can be fully cleaned from the muzzle without the need for disassembly.

Loading through the muzzle brake is extremely easy using a simple loading tube. Orienting full formed bullets into correct alignment with the rifling is almost effortless.

More pictures with some added descriptions are below.



The sight mounting rail is machined steel for greatest strength.

This muzzle brake has angled ports for improved recoil reduction and is made from heat treated 416 stainless steel.

Above target shows results of a test shot at a distance of 118 yards. This target not only shows the potential accuracy of the rifle but also the importance of using the correct size orifice. The impressive Rocky Mountain Match Hunting Bullet has a very high calculated ballistic coefficient of .880 at 2700 fps which makes it an ideal projectile for making the longest range shots possible. This rifle can also shoot any other .416 cal. bullet available to very high levels of performance.

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