Adjustable Bullet Sizing Dies
Rifle Warranty
.416 Standard Thumbover
.416 Long Range Thumbover
.416 Long Range Thumbhole
.45/6.5mm Combination Rifle
.45 Standard Thumbover
.45 Light Thumbover
6.5mm Standard Thumbover
.308 Standard Thumbover
.45 Sporter Thumbhole
.45 Ambidextrous Thumbhole
Traditional Style
Traditional Style

This is a .54 cal. traditional design Swing-Lock rifle. The rifle was made for shooting black powder or its substitutes but can also be made in other calibers with smokeless capability. The rifle shown is stocked in black cherry which has been artificially tiger striped to simulate fancy wood . This type finish can be ordered as an option to make plain wood appear very fancy. It is very convincing and has fooled everyone who looks at it. Genuine fancy wood of any type can of course also be used. The butt plate, trigger gaurd and all other furniture is made from solid brass, hand finished castings. This rifle was used by Mike Lauterborn to win many shooting trophies.




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