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This is a high performance 6.5mm caliber rifle.

The rifle is stocked in Boyd's Royal Jacaranda pattern laminated birch and also sports solid Ebony forend tip and grip cap with Maple spacers.

Metal finish is DuraCoat flat black.

The fluted barrel is Douglas XX premium 6.5mm cal. with 1:10 pitch rifling which is adequate for shooting bullets up to 130 gr weight. Barrels with faster rifling twist rates are also available for shooting heavier bullets up to 160 gr. Effective length is 28".

The ramrod provided is solid carbon fiber which is light weight, very stiff and strong. It is brass tipped and tapped for #8-32 threaded accessories. It can be provided with a "T" handle tip if so desired.

As seen below, this rifle is also provided with a very affective and removable muzzle brake. A cosmetic cap is provided to cover the muzzle brake thread when the brake is not being used.  

See test targets shown below which show this rifles great accuracy capability using full form sized .264 diameter rifle bullets.

This rifle can shoot 87 gr bullets to over 3800 fps and 120 gr bullets to over 3400 fps.

More detailed info regarding these types of super high performance rifles will be provided as time progresses.



The above two pictures show first the removable muzzlebrake and then the brake replaced with a cosmetic cap.

The above targets show the great accuracy of this rifle. The top center target was shot using the Sierra 87 gr HP varmint bullet at nearly 3800 fps. The bottom three targets were shot using the Sierra 120 gr Match King bullet at speeds up to 3400 fps.

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