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.308 Standard Thumbover

Below are pictures of a .308 cal. Thumbover style rifle with stock made from Boyd's Royal Jacaranda laminate with ebony forend tip, grip cap and tiger maple spacers.

This rifle also features a 26 In. fluted, stainless steel Krieger barrel with side ported muzzle brake.

The sight mounting rail on this and most other rifles shown on this site is made from high strength, light weight 7075 aluminum.

The powder chamber design built into this rifle allows efficiency and power levels approximately equivalent to a .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge rifle.

Accuracy potential for this rifle is excellant as shown by the test targets at the bottom of this page.


Below are three test targets as shot from this rifle each showing (3) consecutive shot clusters made using three different weights of Sierra Match King bullets.

The left target on top is from the 180 gr bullet producing a .580 c/c group at an average muzzle velocity of 3014 fps.

The top right target was obtained using the 190 gr bullet producing a .385 c/c group at an average velocity of 2926 fps.

The bottom target was obtained using the 150 gr bullet producing a .485 c/c group at an average velocity of 3142 fps.

Range to all targets was 118 yards.

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