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.45/6.5mm Combination Rifle

This rifle as stated on the home page was provided with interchangeable barrel / breech assemblies. 

Both barrels are Douglas XX premium. The 6.5mm barrel is 26 In. and the .45 cal. is 24 In.

The stock and barrel assemblies were all finished with DuraCoat urethane which is very durable, dent and scratch resistant.

The muzzle brake on the .45 cal. is very affective at reducing recoil as are all Swing-Lock brakes but can be removed and replaced with a cosmetic cap if so desired.
Loading through the muzzle brake is very easy even with full formed bullets using a special loading tube. When using full formed bullets, the loading tube also serves as a ramrod guide and funnel for easy loading of powder.


The picture above shows the dual ramrod design for this rifle. The outer rod is for the .45 cal. barrel and the inner rod is for the 6.5mm. Both rods are light weight carbon fiber and as shown, the 6.5mm slips and screws inside the .45 cal. rod.

Here are two targets as shot from the .45 cal. barrel using full form sized .458 diameter, 350 gr North Fork bullets. The target on the left was shot using smokeless powder and the one on the right was done using BlackHorn 209 black powder substitute at much lower pressure. Please see the page on adjustable full form bullet sizing dies for further discussion.

These are targets shot from the 6.5mm barrel. Starting at top left, bullet used was the 85gr Sierra varmint, middle and right bullet used was the 120gr Barnes TSX.
Bottom left bullet was the Hornady 129 gr Interlock, second was the 140gr Hornady SST, third was the 140 gr Sierra SP BT, and last on right was shot using the 140 gr North Fork SP HP. While the targets for the 140 gr bullets may not look so impressive, they are all under 1 In. C/C. The rifle really liked the 85gr and 120 gr bullets but shot nothing poorly.

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