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The following rifle is stocked in gray and black laminate and features fancy Bolivian Rosewood forend tip and grip cap with tiger maple spacers.

The 26 In. fluted Krieger barrel features 1:18 twist rifling for use with sabotless bullets and also includes a very affective side ported muzzle brake which is removable.

You may also find a picture of this rifle on the " Testimonials " page with comments from the customer.


The rifle below belongs to Lori Benson. See the Testimonials page.

It is stocked using Tigerwood pattern laminated birch from Richards Microfit.

The rifle is .45 cal. with stainless Douglas XX premium barrel. Rifling twist rate is 1:18 In. for shooting sabotless bullets. Effective length is 26 In.

A removable muzzle brake is provided which is replaced with a cosmetic cap when not in use.

Ramrod is 3/8"tubular carbon fiber with brass tips tapped for #10-32 accessories. Ramrod shown also includes a removable "T" handle for improved handling.  Other accessories such as a Spin-Jag bullet seating tip can also be provided.




Below is another ambidextrous .45 cal. rifle very similar to
the one above except that it is stocked in grey laminated birch and has an extended tubular aluminum ramrod.
Also note the exceptional test targets below.

The excellent target on the left was shot using 300 gr Hornady SST bullets at an avg. velocity of 2702 fps.
The other target was shot using 275 gr Parker Ballistic Extreme bullets at an avg. velocity of 2924 fps.

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