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.416 Standard Thumbover
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.45/6.5mm Combination Rifle
.45 Standard Thumbover
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.45 Standard Thumbover

The following rifle is stocked in laminated birch and finished with DuraCoat British DPM camo.
Barrel used is Brux .458 cal. with 18:1 rifling twist and 26 In. effective length. Performance and accuracy levels for this rifle are at least equal to those described further below for the other rifles shown. This rifle is also shown on " Testimonials " page.


The rifle below is stocked in fancy grade claro walnut which includes tiger maple forend tip and cap with ebony spacers and ramrod channel insert.

Barrel used is Krieger .458 cal. with 18:1 rifling twist and 26 In. effective length.

The stock was finished using many coats of hand sanded and rubbed spar-urethane.

The metal is finished with flat black DuraCoat which is very scratch and chip resistent.

As the target shows at the bottom of this page, the customer is very pleased with his rifles accuracy using full formed bullets!



Here is a 100 yard target shot by the customer using full form sized .458 dia. 300 gr Barnes SOCOM polymer tipped, boat tail bullets shot at an average speed of 2801 fps.

Below is another .45 cal. rifle with a thumbover design stock. The stock material is brown laminated birch.Other attributes are very similar to the rifle above. At bottom are two test targets using the Parker 275 gr Ballistic Extreme Bullet at over 2800 fps.


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