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.45 Sporter Thumbhole
This rifle is stocked in Wenig Desert pattern laminated birch.

Barrel is stainless .45 cal. Douglas XX premium with 1:18" pitch rifling for shooting sabotless bullets. Effective length is 28 In.

As shown, this rifle is equipped with a removable muzzle brake which is very affective at reducing recoil. A cosmetic cap is screwed in place if the muzzle brake is not being used.

The ramrod is tubular brass with tips tapped for #10-32 accessories. This rod is provided with a removable"T" handle tip and will also accomodate a Spin-Jag bullet seating tip if desired.



Below is another .45 cal. thumbhole rifle which is stocked in Boyds shady camo laminated birch and features ebony forend tip and grip cap with maple spacers.
Also note the exceptional accuracy as shown by the test targets.


These are test targets starting at top left: 250gr Hornady SST @ 3260 fps, 2nd and 3rd targets 250gr Parker Ballistic Extreme @ 3070 fps and 3050 fps, 4th target 275gr Parker Ballistic Extreme @ 3060 fps and bottom target 500 gr Barnes TSX @ 2060 fps. All targets (3) shots at 115 yrds.

Below is a thumb hole style rifle similar to the Silhouette/Target style next below except the grip length is shorter, decreased in size and angled back more. The butt depth is also decreased. The comb and cheek piece height can also be reduced if so desired. This rifle was built for Bill Shehane of D&B Supply and the stock blank used is Indian Paint. See general specifications at the bottom.


Some test targets as follows left to right: 1st and 2nd 250gr Hornady SST @ 3026 fps and 3050 fps, 3rd and 4th 300gr Hornady SST @ 2660 and 2527 fps, bottom left 275gr Parker Ballistic Extreme at 3007 fps and bottom right 500gr Barnes TSX @ 1880 fps. All targets (3) shots at 115 yrds. 


Caliber:  .45 (
other calibers under developement and available in the future)

Premium match grade, stainless steel or chrome moly

Effective barrel length:  Up to 30 In.. The rifle shown is 28 In.

Stock:  Right hand thumb hole shown made from laminated " Indian Paint " blank with French walnut forend tip and grip cap. Other laminated or suitable solid wood is available also with different tip materials.

Length of pull: 
 Specified by customer. Rifle shown is 13 5/8 In. 

The weight of the rifle shown is approx. 11 1/2 Lbs.  Weight can be significantly reduced by specifying a different barrel contour, stock design or other modification .

Stocks can be provided with or without forend tips and caps of different exotic wood materials with or without spacers. Ramrods may be specified in carbon fiber, tubular aluminum or brass with brass tips threaded for #10-32 accessories on both ends. Either flush mount or studed detachable sling swivels can be provided.

Firm price by quotation only.

Below is a Silhouette/Target style rifle with Richards Microfit Rosewood pattern laminated birch stock including black forend tip and grip cap.  This .45 caliber rifle was designed and built per instruction from a customer wanting this type of style and the ability to shoot 500+ grain paper patched lead bullets using black powder. Since this rifle is really designed for use with smokeless powder, he got a rifle which far exceeded his expectations. 
    It not only shoots heavy paper patched lead bullets with 1 MOA or less accuracy using smokeless powder but also shoots saboted bullets as well as jacketed precision sized"unsaboted"bullets with incredable accuracy as shown by the targets below. Because of the fast 1 x 18 inch rifling twist used in the barrel for this rifle, it has no problem stabilizing a whole range of bullet weights and types from short, light weight bullets as well as long, very heavy bullets of 500+ grain weight at high or low velocities. The bullets could be of saboted, unsaboted or paper patched types. Possible load combinations are endless with potential ranging from punching holes in targets to shooting the largest of game animals using 500 grain, full jacketed bullets. 
GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS for a basic rifle like the one shown are found below.







The three targets shown below are only a small representation of the accuracy and versatility for the rifle shown and others to follow.

The targets were all shot at a distance of 115 yrds using three very different load types . Load type is indicated under each target.


This target was shot using 500gr lead, paper patched bullets at 1342fps.

This target was shot using saboted .40 caliber 200gr Shock Wave bullets at 2107fps. Possibly because of added torsional stresses imposed upon sabots when using faster twist rate rifling, best accuracy is achieved at lower velocity levels.

This target was shot using "unsaboted" precision sized 250gr Hornady XTPHP bullets at 2864 fps. The group measures .52 Inches center to center.


CALIBER:  .45 or .50 cal. 

BARREL: Douglas Premium XX Stainless or Chrome Moly Steel. Bead blasted stainless shown.

EFFECTIVE BARREL LENGTH: Up to 30 inches. The rifle shown is 28 1/2 inches.

STOCK: Laminated Birch or other suitable wood. Rosewood birch laminate blank from Richards Microfit used for rifle shown.

LENGTH of PULL: Length of Pull may be specified by customer.  The rifle shown is 14 1/4 inches.

WEIGHT:  The weight of the rifle shown is 12 Lbs without scope.

ADDED OPTIONS SHOWN: Black forend tip and grip cap, Uncle Mikes flush mount detachable sling swivels. Scope is not included. 



A firm price is given by formal quotation only.



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